It all started as a small galvanised steel bucket manufacturing concern in the 1950's. Later in 1960, it was offically registered as Maya Manufacturing and Trading Company Private Limited.

The 1970's saw phenomenal growth in Maya's businesses as Asian economies took off. Based in Singapore, Maya was able to reap the benefits of growth in trade as Singapore became the shipping hub of the region. It was during this period that Maya consolidated its position as a major player in the core businesses of food, household insecticides and plastic materials. By investing in industries which are related to its core businesses, Maya was able to generate more businesses for its trading operations.

In 2008, the Maya Manufacturing and Trading Company corporate name was changed to Maya Corporation.

Today, with extensive trading networks and manufacturing concerns in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and China, Maya's management remains committed to continue to provide value-added services and products for our customers so as to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world market.